The £50k man...Take a bow son!


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It's insane that in today's football I've got more than his transfer fee in my wallet...Although, TBF, this whole currency exchange lark is a bit confusing.


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Was immaculate today, they couldn't get near him and he put in a shift defensively.

I've always been a fan.


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I text the boys at half time today about him, genuinly he was fucking superb today, at times he was dragging 2 or 3 players in pulling them out of position and then playing the pass. Dominant!!

Joe 90

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The lad is a proper football player and is being coached to a new level by 2 fantastic ex midfielders.
Immense today


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He is our best player at the moment.

I would have been happy to sell him in the summer for the money quoted, but I was very wrong.

He is just so classy.

blue genes

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At times I confess to being a bit underwhelmed by him but I have got it completely wrong - what a season he is having for us & Finland - magnificent again today.

And if Nelms is looking in - my sides are splitting at your loss of the player to us for washers!


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Kamara was outstanding today. He played like a proper thoroughbred and his decision making was first class. Our management team are to be credited with bringing this guy in for buttons and bringing the best out in him.


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Biggest change for me this season in Kamara compared to last is that he has cut out the slack passes and turning into trouble. Always seemed to have that in him, but don't recall it happening at all this season. He's offering a bit more going forward to. Such a good dribbler and runner with the ball, with a little more self belief going forward he could go on and be the complete midfielder for me.


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He looks to have bulked up looks fitter and stronger a very intelligent footballer great balance quick feet, well done Glen great performance and a bargain fee.

Blue Booda

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there was a move in the first half he took out about 3 mutants with it going one way then the other, it was so good he even confused the commentator for a second

in complete control of the midfield today

Chester Loyal

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In games like today he’s outstanding.

In games at home v Hamilton etc he’s ineffective.

He’s probably our best central midfielder and the least suited of our central midfielders to play every week. Its a crazy dilemma, in games like today and Europe he’s sensational.


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Kamara was my man of the match. Can understand why Goldson got it but Kamara didn't do a thing wrong all game. He was sensational.

He gave them a lesson today, undescribable from seeing this kid playing against us for Dundee a couple of seasons ago. Thinking this boy is having a great game against us at one point, to picking him up for £50k. to being a tim slayer today. Pound for pound, Kamara will prove to be one of the most influential players of this era.


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He was outstanding today and i say that as someone who if picking the team would have dropped him for jack in the starting line up. I have been critical if him in the past for games where his concentration drops and i worried that that might happen today but he controlled the game and drove us firward at times.
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