The “What did you drink in Manchester?” Thread


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Genuinely can't remember LOL.

Lager, wine, Jack, basically anything we could get our hands on.

What a brilliant two days we had down there, the match itself aside. Fabulous memories that will live in my memory until the day I peg it.

So glad I took all my kids as well. They were 17 and 19 at the time and still talk about it as one of the most incredible events ever.


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Got off the train at Piccadilly and went into the Supermarket and got 4 bottles of Australian Red, transferred it in to plastic water bottles then went to the square, once that had run out it was beer from the official bars in the fanzone until it all kicked off!
It was a great day until a point.....
We had to get a tram out the city in the general direction of Bury to find anywhere that had anything. Stumbled upon an Iceland. Bought 12 cans of Stella. Drank 1. Bag of nerves. The other 11 dumped somewhere around Picadilly Gardens.


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I was designated driver, drove from Devon to Brum, stayed at my brothers house, then off to Manchester in the morning with brother, who had a broken leg, and my nephew. I spent most of the day keeping the wee man safe, while my brother got steaming. We watched it in a Hotel with some friends and Dr. Fox! Nicky Chapman was getting pestered by a very drunk Rangers man. Good effort but no reward!!
Result aside, it was an experience and a half. Walking into town from old Trafford and seeing more and more red white and blue, until it was all you could see. Phenomenal support.
Myself and KingDado of this parish had as much Heineken stubbies as we could carry. Stuck them in the fridge on the Tuesday night at home overnight then loaded up the cool bags - they never made it home and never were - with ice in the morning then drove to Leeds where we were staying. Got the train through from there. Wandered about all day with them and can honestly say the last tin was still relatively cold.

When they ran out we move onto the tonic wine.


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The town was dry not a drop to drink or eat, 5miles out to a corner shop to get 6cans lager and a bag of crisp we were rationed


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Working in the morning and met my son at Piccadilly Station, Manchester around 4pm...couldn’t get into any pubs so ended up walking to the ground thinking we will pick something up en-route...EVERY wee shop we passed had run out of drink and I remember one guy who ran one of the shops saying he could probably take a holiday with the amount of money he had taken that day...think my son and I ended up having a couple of Diet Pepsis inside the ground.


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We arrived the day before and had a heavy night out in town

We rented an apartment down there.

Woke up at 7.30 am, crushed up an Ecstasy on the dining table and got it up my nose.

Then proceeded to drink all day - don't remember exactly what.

Somehow I felt relatively sober by the time I was at the match (I think it must have been the excitement that made my head clear).


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Me and my Mrs were staying with her late aunt (who had the onset of dementia) who lived in Wythenshawe, we got the bus then metro from sale into the town what a buzz that day had a litre bottle of vodka and 2 cases of pear cider.

Funnily enough my mate woke up in the middle of the night in his hotel went to get a drink of water only to discover it was straight vodka:) leftovers from the day before.


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I took 4 Hip flasks of Jack Daniels, it was gone by the time the train hit Lockerbie. We talked the Bar in the Hotel In to doing us a carry out 14 Carling and 14 bottles of Cider cost us £200 lol
Sadly I never experienced it as I was “too young” according to my mother. To be fair she was probably right as I’d of been going down on my own as a 14 year old and had exams that week IIRC.

Got involved in a twitter post and some weird drink selections as the bears cleared out Manchester of the good booze.

What did you get your hands on?
We positioned ourselves at Albert square at the fence about 2 yards from the Carlsberg tanker!


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I did see a guy necking a bottle of Baileys at about half eleven, and he had the last bottle in the shop!!
They didn’t know what hit them!:))
Was determined to enjoy the day so night before went for a steak dinner and ended up in a pub for a few pints and a sing song. Next day coupe of pints in Piccadilly square then went to the station bar and had another coupe just watching the crowds pouring off the train. Wandered round Manchester with s coupe of cans procured from marks people watching

alex wright

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I've posted about this before, but we genuinely did see a table of guys drinking Breaker Malt Liquor and Advocaat in one pub. The bar staff must have went into the darkest reaches of the cellar and blew the dust off any old shite.


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There was an Oddbins near Albert Sq too. Only beer left was John Smiths or Quilmes. £13 a box for the Quilmes. First I'd tried it. Superb stuff.


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Some other guy's beer.

Couldn't find an off licence for love nor money so resigned ourselves to a day of relative sobriety. A fellow bear shouted over to us (2 of us) to get over and join them. Tried offering him money for the tins of beer he gave us but he wasn't having any of it. Stood and enjoyed their company for a few hours before kick off.

Probably my best memory of Manchester and defined to me what a thoroughly decent set of supporters we have.