The Atheltic - £1 a month offer


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A lot of journalists bailed out of their old titles, because they saw the writing on the wall with plummeting circulations, and thought an online specialist site with elite writers was the way to protect their careers. Sadly they might be right. Athletic not for me atm, but may sign up eventually because a lot of the best jounos have gone there.


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With the subscription do you get access to all sections, teams and sports or just certain bits?
you choose what leagues/teams you are interested in and when you go to "following", it will give you the articles that match those teams/leagues or you can search for them individually like Rangers ones

superb content for the price

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Signed up thanks. Not finding it easy to navigate site but I am not the best with these things.
I was the same mate. I downloaded the App and once you have your preferences setup then it’s plug&play. For £1 a month I’m only really interested in the Rangers content and it’s perfect. With my daily dose of H&H this compliments it perfectly. Good spot OP.
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