The BBC Scotland channel brings new meaning to the term "mass media"


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In this day and age where there's hundreds of channels from around the world producing better content, why would anyone watch it.

This was only setup by BBC to shut up the scumbags wanting the national and regional news swapped at 6pm.

Ryan mcgregor

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How much does it cost per nightly episode considering more than the presenters are working on it ££££ night for how many viewers? commercially it is a dead donkey anywhere other than the BBC it would have slipped off the air into obscurity to be replaced by repeats some person walking about hills and glens.


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BBC Scotland channel should be scrapped

An utter waste of tax payers cash

It’s so pro Nationalist it’s unreal

That Tom Devine hatchet job the other day with that cuunt James Cook allowing the bigot to spout utter shite that Rangers and our fans are the only problem with sectarianism in Scotland

Cook did not challenge the bigot Devine’s disgraceful comments and gave him an uninterrupted platform to slander our club and fans

If BBC Scotland was impartial it would have had an alternative view from a pro Unionist commentator or at least an interviewer prepare to question how you can have sectarian divide with only one element that is bad i.e. Rangers

It’s a cesspit

Also having the daughter of Kevin Kelly employed there to suppress negative stories re the child abuse at Parkpaed and other anti Celtc stories sums up how it’s not fit to be broadcast

They breach their charter on impartiality on a daily basis

Glenn Quagmire

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Martin Geissler is genuinely a very good broadcaster, but whenever I saw Rebecca Curran I always thought she was out of her depth with this anyway.


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These presenters must be in high demand.

I imagine they are amongst the highest paid in the world when you work it out on a 'per viewer' basis.

Mr Wilton

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What is their flagship show? BBC pandering to a nationalist government to create something that no one actually wanted or was bothered about. Shows how their wee circle works. If they think it then the nation must! Fucking halfwits!


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Probably just friends and family watching. The remaining people probably fell asleep and accidentally leaned on the remote.

Good use of the tv licence revenue


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I bet a lot of those viewers have tuned in early for episodes of Still Game / Chewin the Fat, or have left the channel on following the football.

2,300 is probably an over-estimate.

Makes you wonder what Alba gets - especially if you take off the football where nobody who watches understands Gaelic.


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only time I've watched this channel is when football is on, no interest in anything else as it's usually a repeat of a comedy show I saw years ago or a documentary with some SNP slant to it

The Redcoat

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For the nation that invented it, Scottish television is unbelievably crap.

It's because so many of the Scottish media jobs seem to get given to these cringeworthy Scottish nationalist types.

There seems to be a kind of informal Scottish nationalist mafia in the media where jobs get given put based on political views and not ability.

John MacKenzie

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Have never watched it and don't even know who she is.
I am confused regards a year's maternity leave when pregnancy only lasts nine months???.

Conlig Loyal

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Have never watched it and don't even know who she is.
I am confused regards a year's maternity leave when pregnancy only lasts nine months???.
Well obviously after the birth she needs a few months to interview nannies and home helps to take care of the kid at the licence payers expense. Those Latvian girls don't come cheap you know.