The BBC Scotland channel brings new meaning to the term "mass media"


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Great money to be made on that nationalist gravy train. Makes you wonder how many actually support independence as the well would well and truly run dry after that.


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Wouldn't it be nice if someone from our community got the role. I know it is not to anyone's taste on here but it would be nice to see a Bear get the gig.

No doubt the usual suspects will be sniffing around - wouldn't be surprised if AHagg has applied.

Mind you I don't think she will have many good references, she was the worst thing that ever happened to the Sunday Herald.


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Bin the BBC. A complete sham of an organisation. A waste of time and money. Leave these left wing halfwits on the dole, where they belong.


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Its time to expose this wast of licence payers cash to the rest of the UK if these channels did not exist pensioners would still have their free tv licence. its time to spread the word.


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Changed a lot since my wife had our kids,must be a nightmare for employers.
It is. When I was MD at a medium-sized company a few years ago, there was one woman who took the 1 year leave, extended it to 2 years, and then immediately got pregnant again and did exctly the same again. We got about one month's work out of her in about 4 years, and paid her Statutory Maternity Pay for the bulk of that time.


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What would there overall viewing figures average at for this channel if they removed football coverage from it? There was never a justifiable reason for this channel to exist in the first place. It’s attempting to fill a void that doesn’t exist.


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Contrary to popular belief Scotland didn't invent the "television" as we know it

Philip Farnsworth invented what would be the forerunner to what we have now.
Im sure John logie Baird is credited with inventing the first "working" television and as such is widely acknowledged as the inventor. I believe Farnsworth came up with the first electronic TV which you correctly point out is the forerunner of what we have now.


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So average viewing figures for the BBC Scotland channel are about 1/10 of those people who listen to the free Heart and Hand podcasts.
And H&H’s paid for subscriptions amount to 50% of the average viewing figure for the BBC Scotland channel.
Those are quite striking numbers.


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It's because so many of the Scottish media jobs seem to get given to these cringeworthy Scottish nationalist types.

There seems to be a kind of informal Scottish nationalist mafia in the media where jobs get given put based on political views and not ability.
TV the same as the radio and papers. Scots with real talent will go to London for their career in media, the rest stay up here in the goldfish bowl.


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Is maternity leave not hate speech since it clearly doesn't include trans women? Surely the correct term is people who give birth leave?

(Joking, since sometimes it's hard to tell about gender wars)


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By the time they pay the presenters, cameramen,sound engineers,lighting engineers,production staff etc you have to wonder if the show gives value for money


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The show is awful, the presenters are garbage. Can't believe those lumps of wood are on such a half decent salary, poor use of our licence money.

Geisler is a moaning faced cvnt. I remember he came to Camp Gibraltar in Kuwait prior to us invading Iraq in 2003. He was prowling around with his team as we were training in the desert, trying to get interviews, I told him to fvck off, I wasn't there to talk to reporters. The last I saw him was crying to our OC in a high pitched squeak, "But we've come all this way and none of your Marines will talk to us". He didn't get much sympathy!!