The best goal we have scored at Parkhead v celtic?

yosser hughes

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sandy jardine at the piggery one warm summer night in late july 1976 ,,glasgow cup final..ran from his own half with the game only about 5 minutes old, the tarriers backed off him ,and a bit like his goal against bayern 4 years earlier he let fly and in it went,,we scored again not long after that through alex miller,,now this was a time when we rarely won over there,,so a great 3-1 victory was very pleasing indeed


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Alex Millers was great because Wee Bud took the piss out of Peace Protest.
However my favourite was a goal from Wee Bud who was put clean through and shot past the advancing goalie. This happened at the Gers end and it was the first game we played there with the new full roof cover. Wee Bud ran right past the goal and right up to the fans. He stood on the terracing wall at the front with us all going mental.
Other than the fact they are thick Micks I never could understand why we got ful cover and their end had about a third covered.
The noise from our end was amazing. My memory ain't what it was but I think we won 4-2 and Bud's was the last goal.
The Rangers fans began to roar
when Willie Johnston made it four
Cel**c bye bye
Older bears will remember this golden oldie


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I would go for Albertz one in the semi, great run, couple of dummies then smashes it into roof of net.

Seeing as no one else has said it I'll give a mention to Kenny Miller's first in the 4-2 game. Some technique to take it on the volley and steer it away from the keeper into the far corner.


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Another vote for big Ugo.

After an absolutely horrendous season under Le Guen, this goal brought back bucket loads of pride.

Also a wee honourable mention for Vignal.

"Tell all the Tims ye know, keep a hold of your lighters don't throw. For when Gregory strikes, time for a dose of the shites, and for bob the builder to go!"

Mark Walters

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Mendes, Without a doubt, it's a better goal than we've scored against them at Ibrox I can think of too... only goal that trumps it is Cooper's at Hampden.


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Now that the dust has settled (kind of), where does the Kent goal rank among our goals at the Piggery? A real mixture of a team goal, rounded off with a piece of individual brilliance!