The best Rangers player you loved. (Must be only one)


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Davie Cooper.
It is age dependent, but Davie beats all that come after him.
I’ve seen Super Ally, Gazza and Laudrup, they played in great teams, albeit Ally played in a poor side to start with. Davie Cooper was the reason Rangers fans had hope every Saturday pre Souness.


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Wee bud seen him when I first started going to games in the sixties and I’ve yet to see a better winger than wee bud

Big Hepy

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Davie Cooper. I was shite at football but as a right footer I used my left foot all the time just to be like him. I'm actually fucking brilliant now with both feet but might be passed it at 46 haha


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Davie Cooper, I was 14 when he joined Rangers, coming from Clydebank I'd seen a fair bit of him and timing was perfect for starting to go regularly to Ibrox.
Even went to a couple of Motherwell games (if Rangers weren't playing) when he was there.


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I know you only said one but in my life time
McCoist was my first hero then
Laudrup and gazza then
A break then Morelos


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Slim Jim Baxter. I cried when he was transferred to Sunderland.
I got away with it because I was only eight.