The best Rangers player you loved. (Must be only one)


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Super Ally for me despite the fact my old man named me DJ after Derek Johnstone


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Ian Ferguson - Lived the dream and sometimes underrated. I remember a game at Easter Road where he absolutely bossed the game and was in every way that day a proper midfield general

Madjid Moments

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I wanted to be and play like Mark Walters but a idolised and loved Barry Ferguson because he was one of us and fought for the jersey.


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Remember playing 3 and in at school over lunchtime and about 85% of the playground was McCoist.
For my generation he’s THE guy.


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I don't want first second or third
For me when big Jorge collected that ball on the half way line it use to excite me something was always going to happen no player excites now the way he made things happen.
At least spell his name right.
Unless of course this Jorge you refer to is Cadete.


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The one and only!



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so many to choose from henderson,greig,stein ,wee bud ,dave smith,sandy jardine,dj,tom forsyth, but can only pick one Davie Cooper.


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Davie Cooper.
My Hero was totaly starstruck when i meet him as a wee boy i couldnt believe i shook his hand and he spoke to me a day ill never forget.


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Davie Cooper.

Started getting into football as a young lad about 85-86, and Cooper had some amazing moments around those years.

The winner in the Skol Cup Final, the performance against Tampere, that free kick against Aberdeen, the reverse pass to set up Durrant v them, and the penalty and free kick that took Scotland to the World Cup Final. And he had plenty of great moments in the years before that, such as the Dryburgh Cup goal. On top of that, he was a gentleman and a true blue nose.

I played left wing and used to practice with my left constantly, despite being right footed, just so I could be like him. Nowadays he could probably have played on the right, and could have stayed longer with us had Souness tried to accommodate Cooper and Walters in the team. Especially with Gary Stevens bombing down the right, and Trevor Steven inside.

Absolutely tragic that he died so young.

Honourable mentions to McCoist and Durrant too.
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