The cabal's lickspittle at it again


So Jackson whose tongue tip must be permanently bleached with the taste of Lawwell's bumhole rim has suggested Hearts and Thistle previously had support from lots of clubs before this court action but have now lost that trust? He fails to suggest an alternative route they could have taken to avoid court whilst opposing the unjust relegation foisted upon them while keeping fellow clubs favour...

I'm beginning to see why Daily Record sale figures are dropping quicker faster than Doncaster's underwear whenever Lawwell enters the same room as him.


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So Hearts and Thistle have handed the other clubs a £10m Bill. No mention of the bill to compensate broadcasters for awarding the title to one team. Seems like this fiasco means all other clubs are being asked to spend £20m to award the title to one team.

This is why we need fan media at press conferences. Some one needs to ask that question and get a debate on it. Scottish football looks incredibly stupid at the moment.

Even more stupid than normal.
I have recently wondered about how one of our supporter groups could apply/ qualify for journalist status and being able to challenge the status quo with real questions the man in the street wants asking.

The same applies to the political sphere as well.


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On the agenda is a proposed rule change which would empower SPFL chief executive Doncaster and his board with emergency powers to act as they see fit should, heaven forbid, another pandemic force our game back into lockdown at some point in the future.
I’m sorry, what??!!

I hope Rangers vote against that.

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