The Copland Nutter finally home after 21 days in hospital with Covid


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Was once told that Walter Smith had a word with the steward management to stop getting George to sit down as he was the only reason that there was any atmosphere in the stadium at times and he got the crowd going.

Not sure if true or not,


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Having a dad who grew up in Fernhill, I heard many stories of one their own. Imagine him nowadays at the games, half the guys moaning to sit down. One of those great characters who every clubs fans have and recognise regardless of knowing him personally.


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Met him in Palma Nova a few years back. A tiny little pub that had the racing papers on the wall . We are in for an early pint and get the bets on. In he comes and I give it "weh hey the Copland Nutter " . "I was that man" was the reply . No-one else in the bar had a clue what was going on but we knew the down :)


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A lot of people haven’t looked at the date on the original post. This is an old thread from last year that was bumped today.

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Probably posted on the original thread that a guy who works with me from Fernhill is good friends with him, the guy I know is a Celtic supporter. I remember him at Barrow in a daft midweek friendly leading the singing and dancing. When he was at his worst at Ibrox you couldn't concentrate on the game. He would get taken out with crowd booing then a few minutes later would come running down another stairway.

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I remember when I was much younger hearing “Copland, Copland give us the sash” being sung from the East Enclosure.

Was this in relation to him?


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EE -"Nutter nutter gies the sash ..."
EE - "Nutter disnae know it ..."

Great times!

And great news indeed!


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Sat half way down the stairs he callled his own, great news all those years of fitness runs up and down paid off. Good Health