Article The executive summary of Rangers submission to the SPFL AGM - download


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I have to say I agree with Spiers. It is well put together, concise, and flags a number of concerns, but there is nothing immediately shocking that would result in heads rolling in the short term. Absolutely nobody will be walking on the basis of our submission - there is nothing in there that would result in any of these cunts holding their hands up and accepting that they have been caught out.

Dungcaster and the rest will hope this goes away, stay quiet, and hold firm. If it goes to the courts then it might be a different story, but it will take time.
There are significant breaches of company law alleged by Rangers, which on the face of it, are easily proved. No Secretary would survive threat of a court action.


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Except WhatsApp has end-to-end Encryption and specifically state that messages are not available to authorities, only profile data, last seen info and contacts - and the only messages stored on their servers are the undelivered ones, for 30 days.

That's US law which we have a ready with can specifics be seen and there is multiple answers.

Is user had enabled back up linked to their email the messages will be restored on their phone.

Data stored on phone if set up is not correct

Whatsapp are legal obliged under the charter to provide the metadata with the normal police/Court data as per us law linking to the test signed between uk/us in 2019.

The data provided although could be encryted that message data has to be sent as well even if it can't be read it therefore could effectively be run through an decryption program. That data could come from files on phone, through your network operator, or whatsapp.

Would this happen in bog standard stuff like this no but it does happen under anti terrorist activities - data is not as safe and secure as people think. And there many different angles it can be approached from

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There are significant breaches of company law alleged by Rangers, which on the face of it, are easily proved. No Secretary would survive threat of a court action.

Maladministration - 15 sets of minutes still to be approved as at 26 April 2020.

A simple non litigious way that would have avoided any potential legal challenge is to mark the season INCOMPLETE.

But that didn't suit him. Enjoy your £10m bill you imbecile.


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Can anyone tell me when do we find out about the potential 10m liability for calling the season early?

I assume that it still exists even if the leagues are called with champions, in which case what was the point in calling champions - wasn't this this logic the Tims were using (i.e. that the league had to be called otherwise there would be various sponsorship and financial penalties)?


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As I understand it, the breakdown of the 10m was 7m to Sky and 3m to BT.

From what I've read on here, it seems Doncaster is prepared to trade Sky the sponsorship rights if they drop their claim for reimbursement. This will probably be buried on a 'bad news ' day

BT will a different matter - I haven't heard anything and would assume these discussions are financially confidential.
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