The Fear


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Morning bears. Sure I wasn't alone in having a sleepless night last night. Tossing and turning, I just couldn't ignore how much of a reserve side we faced last night. I mean, all those players they had unavailable just cheapens the win so don't you think.

I live in terror of when their first team faces us! Just look at the below. Their first 11 of stars who didn't make an appearence yesterday:

Ralston - Julian - Bitton - Elhamed
Connell - Soro
Johnston - Christie - Forest


I doubt anyone is looking forward to that team lining up against us in December. It is of course undoubtedly their first 11 so I think we can safely assume they will line up exactly like this according to all the mhedia tears.

Don't know about you, but I think the players outside of our first 11 would be more than a match for them. Same rules: none of the below featured yesterday.

Patterson - Katic - Balogun - Bassey
Hagi - Zungu - Barjonas/Edmundson
Roofe - Defoe - jones

Quietly confident...


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If only they washed their hands



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Sure you don’t want Jack or Aribo in midfield?

Rules are rules. They came off the bench and appeared. Aye, the fact we had Davis, Kamara, airfield, aribo and Jack all appeared for us left us a tad short in the middle... But its still better than connell and sono!


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Covid affected Celtic yesterday says Lennon

Same Covid that has affected the entire world, handed them the league last season, and they were happy enough to play St Mirren when Covid took away all of St Mirren's goalkeepers

Aye, but Covid was to blame for Celtic's loss yesterday
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