The importance of Morelos to this team


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His performance over these two games was really the top notch Alfie of last season and before. I love him; I think he has had an excellent season without quite being the Alfie who terrorised defences in the past. He has been outstanding at times (the Benfica game) and has scored goals, set up chances, dropped deep, played nice wee lay-offs and on and on.
However tonight he was back to utterly terrorising opponents. He loves it when they get tight and he turns them so easily. Try to go shoulder to shoulder - you bounce off him. He scores goals, he sets them up (twice!) and he wins penalties. In addition he is a wonderful sportsman.
What's not to love?

Stan the Man

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He was voted Man Of The Match for a reason ,his performance had everything you could ask of a
striker ,he's a team player works selflessly for others giving the opposition no respite whatsoever he makes this team tick when he's on his game,long may it last.

Sam English

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I only hope that Morelos is still here next season.

Losing him would be a massive blow, no matter how much money we get for him.


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You really can’t underestimate it. Another huge performance from him on a big European night. Involved in all the goals, caused them no end of problems and his return is even more welcome with the injury to Roofe. He had the battle fever on.

Keep getting it up the haters Alfie, you’re doing just fine.



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Let's be honest he is a wee bit of a Nutter, but I love him, he is a game winner and will be very sorry when he leaves. Really glad we had him this season though

Alfie & tav have done so much for the cause over the years

He has been extremely measured and mature since the latest ban - his lack of reaction tonight - and I’m delighted he stayed and will justifiably gain his right to be remembered as a special player for us.


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He was actually pretty poor tonight if we are being honest but thank god he was in the right place at the right time tonight.
4 more to go


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Let's be honest he is a wee bit of a Nutter, but I love him, he is a game winner and will be very sorry when he leaves. Really glad we had him this season though.
He's our nutter.

Lets remember his European goals brought us money we couldnt have won from domestic trophies that allowed us to buy Kent, Hagi, Roofe, Itten etc.

The squad is as strong as it is and is going to win 55 in part because of what he did in the years prior to this one, and in no small part because of his on field contribution this year.
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We need to try and keep buff for next season.
I'd love us to. But I feel like we were "lucky" in a way too have him again this year. As some may have sold him for a record transfer fee for us in the region of £16-18mil.

I love the wee man. But I have a feeling he'd be one of those who goes on to find that the grass isnt greener elsewhere. I dunno why, but I dont think he'd be a Van Bronckhorst, Arteta or Gattusso.

I worry he'd be one of those who would go on and not achieve as much and not be as loved anywhere else as he is here. I just feel we are a perfect fit for him. He'd probably be like a Jelavic. Go to a reasonable club in a top 5 league. Earn a shit tonne of money and win %^*& all. Of course, for a kid from poverty that would be amazing for him, his family, his hometown and his country. But I just have this feeling he will never have the love he has from a large section of the Rangers support (minus the headcases) and he will never win as much and be as much of a focal point as he is at Ibrox.

Maybe CL football will convince him to have a go here for one more year. But clearly his goal is to play in England, Germany or Spain. Play on the biggest stage domestically, in terms of the strength of the league, and earn cash that most mortals can only dream of. And then use his fortune to benefit inumerable people back in Columbia.

I expect him to go in the summer. But will be insanely happy if he has a shot at the CL with us first instead.

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