The Last Man Standing Competition 7 - Round 5


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We are playing for £650 in competition seven

From the 17 players who made it into round four we selected six teams and we had one player who failed to enter...

06 - Man City
03 - Chelsea
03 - Liverpool
02 - QOS
01 - Aberdeen
01 - Leicester
01 - No Entry

Only two surprise results this week with the main one over in Stamford Bridge where Chelsea were held two two by newly promoted Sheffield United,Abraham had Chelsea two to the good at half time and it looked as if they were going to coast it however seconds into the second half and Robinson pulled one back for the 'Blades and then with only seconds remaining the shock! as Zouma levelled matters with an own goal and the match finished - Chelsea 2 - 2 Sheff Utd and out went...

Paddingtonbear 1
Paddingtonbear 3

At Palmerston Park QOS went down one nil to Alloa with the goal coming from Trouten on the fifty eighth minute and this knocked out..

Grantc1990 - Making debut
Sobwatp - Previous winner

And very surprisingly we had a non runner when Jango failed to enter.

Therefore six out this week folks.

Well done to the eleven who made it into round five and the share value now currently sits at...


A timely reminder to the final eleven that due to a new rule change you are now required to select two teams from round five and not round six as previously.



That i am using..

1.League fixtures from the top two divisions in both Scotland and England.

2.Saturday and Sunday fixtures only.

3.No less than twenty fixtures.



( rounds 1-4 )

Basic and simple...

1.Select a team,if it wins you are through.

2.You cannot select this team again.

3.You can edit your selection until kick off.

4.If your selected fixture is abandoned you carry through to the next round however you will be required to select an EXTRA team.

5.If your selected fixture is postponed you can either wait until the following round to pick an EXTRA ( as above ) or simply edit.

6.If you fail to enter you will be eliminated.

7.There can be no sharing of the pot at level one stage.if all players were to exit at a particular round then all who took part in THAT round would be immediately reinstated for the next.


( Rounds 5 - 10 )


You are now requested to select TWO teams and from this round onwards you may be offered a share of the pot...

1.If both your selections win you go through to the next round or win the full pot if all of your opponents fail.

2.If only one of your selections win you may be offered a share of the pot ( pro rata ) or win the full pot ifall of your opponents fail to get any selections correct.

.If all players fail to get any of their selections correct then all will be offered a share of the pot ( pro rata ).

4.If one player decides to take the share then all must take a share.

5.All players who are subject to a share will be alerted and a decision has to be made no later than Monday midnight.( If no decision is made we take it as read that you wish to continue ).

Arrive at round 10 and we have some very lucky/good players on our hands as in essence you have just completed a thirteen team accumulator.

All winnings will be paid out via bank transfer only ( the same as it came in ),i will message the winner(s) requesting their bank details and money will be transferred immediately.

On completion of each competition there will be a short pause ( about two weeks ) where we will offer places to other forum members who may be interested in coming in and adding to an already respectful pot.

With five pounds now released from every player the pool pot now sits at...

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SELECT TWO TEAMS TO WIN FROM THE FOLLOWING LIST - Do not include one that you have already chosen.

( All kick offs 15:00 unless otherwise stated )

SATURDAY 14th September

English premiership

Liverpool 3 v 1 Newcastle - 12:30
Brighton 1 v 1 Burnley
Man Utd 1 v 0 Leicester
Sheff Utd 0 v 1 Southampton
Spurs 4 v 0 Crystal Palace
Wolves 2 v 5 Chelsea
Norwich 3 v 2 Man City - 17:30

English championship

Fulham 1 v 1 West Brom - 12:30
Blackburn 2 v 0 Millwall
Charlton 0 v 1 Birmingham
Hull 2 v 2 Wigan
Middlesbrough 1 v 0 Reading
Preston 2 v 0 Brentford
QPR 3 v 2 Luton
Stoke 1 v 2 Bristol City
Swansea 0 v 1 Nottm For

Scottish premier

Hamilton 0 v 1 Celtic - 12:00
Aberdeen 1 v 1 St Johnstone
Hearts 2 v 3 Motherwell
Kilmarnock 2 v 0 Hibs
Rangers 3 v 1 Livingston
Ross Co 2 v 1 St Mirren

Scottish championship

Ayr 2 v 0 Dundee Utd
Dundee 2 v 1 Alloa
Dunfermline 0 v 1 Inverness
QOS 1 v 0 Morton

SUNDAY 15th September

English premiership

Bournemouth 3 v 1 Everton - 14:00
Watford v Arsenal - 16:30

English championship

Huddersfield 0 v 2 Sheff Wed - 12:00
Barnsley 0 v 2 Leeds - 12:30
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( 11 )​

Alex - Inverness - Arsenal - Rangers - Liverpool - ( Celtic & Man City ) - OUT

@CooperTrueBlue - Inverness - Everton - Rangers - Aberdeen - ( Celtic & Liverpool )

@de_whoa - Spurs - Liverpool - Leicester - Man City - ( Leeds & Bristol City )

@evothsat - Spurs - Arsenal - Celtic - Man City - ( Rangers & Liverpool )

@Flying Fullback - Spurs - Everton - Man City - Leicester - ( Leeds & Liverpool )

@garyd22 - Spurs - Arsenal - Celtic - Man City - ( Liverpool & Rangers )

@helicopter-sunday - Arsenal - Liverpool - Rangers - Man City - ( Charlton & Celtic ) - OUT

@laloyal - Man City - Arsenal - Leeds - Liverpool - ( Celtic & Aberdeen ) - OUT

@Queens 11 - Cardiff - Arsenal - Rangers - Liverpool - ( Aberdeen & Man City ) - OUT

@rangersdaft - Spurs - Arsenal - Celtic - Man City - ( Rangers & Liverpool )

@Rangers_loyal_1 - Spurs - Arsenal - Dundee Utd - Man City - ( Liverpool & Aberdeen ) - OUT
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Crap!! I must’ve got ejected for a non pick again! I need to set myself a weekly reminder!!!