The Last Man Standing Competition 8 - Round 1


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Looking forward to this. Failed miserably last time due to forgetting to pick a team until the last minute and being left with a choice of 2 options on a Sunday. I picked the wrong one! I should probably set a calendar reminder or something as forgetfulness is usually my nemesis in this, Super6 and Fantasy fitbaw :rolleyes:


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These fixtures are for the 19th and 20th of October,i have so far received 131 paid entries and we are therefore currently playing for £655 per competition.

Those that have paid are on post three and are free at anytime to enter their prediction for round one.

I await an entry fee of £10 from the following listed players

@Alcrinz 2
@Flying Fullback
@Raj Kebab
@The banter years

Once any of the above players pay their entry fee i will move them back up to post 3 and you will also be able to post your selection - Monies to be gathered in no later than Friday the 18th of October.

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Count me in. Just needs details for money transfer.


We are playing for £445 in competition eight.

Well done once again to dewhoa who walked away with £650 when winning competition seven,i am going to be running with a further two competitions this season and it will cost you all £10 ( £5 per comp )i thought about increasing the stake however not all maybe able to afford it so therefore kept it to a pearl diver,you have after all the option of taking two or more lines ( as i have done for the forthcoming )

We have 136 registered players and i will contact each with regards payment,it is very important that you just don't dive in and pay your entry cash into my old bank account.

As usual all players will receive a code and when cash is received will be good to go ( all paid entries will be confirmed in post 3 ).

Competition eight will begin on Saturday 19th October and all monies need to be gathered in no later than Friday midnight the 18th.

This is also open for any newbies who wish to have a go,just simply enter your username on this thread and i will get back to you in due course.

Any questions with regards please don't hesitate to ask.



That i am using..

1.League fixtures from the top two divisions in both Scotland and England.

2.Saturday and Sunday fixtures only.

3.No less than twenty fixtures.



( rounds 1-4 )

Basic and simple...

1.Select a team,if it wins you are through.

2.You cannot select this team again.

3.You can edit your selection until kick off.

4.If your selected fixture is abandoned you carry through to the next round however you will be required to select an EXTRA team.

5.If your selected fixture is postponed you can either wait until the following round to pick an EXTRA ( as above ) or simply edit.

6.If you fail to enter you will be eliminated.

7.There can be no sharing of the pot at level one stage.if all players were to exit at a particular round then all who took part in THAT round would be immediately reinstated for the next.


( Rounds 5 - 10 )


You are now requested to select TWO teams and from this round onwards you may be offered a share of the pot...

1.If both your selections win you go through to the next round or win the full pot if all of your opponents fail.

2.If only one of your selections win you may be offered a share of the pot ( pro rata ) or win the full pot ifall of your opponents fail to get any selections correct.

.If all players fail to get any of their selections correct then all will be offered a share of the pot ( pro rata ).

4.If one player decides to take the share then all must take a share.

5.All players who are subject to a share will be alerted and a decision has to be made no later than Monday midnight.( If no decision is made we take it as read that you wish to continue ).

Arrive at round 10 and we have some very lucky/good players on our hands as in essence you have just completed a thirteen team accumulator.

All winnings will be paid out via bank transfer only ( the same as it came in ),i will message the winner(s) requesting their bank details and money will be transferred immediately.

On completion of each competition there will be a short pause ( about two weeks ) where we will offer places to other forum members who may be interested in coming in and adding to an already respectful pot.

With five pounds now released from every player the pool pot now sits at...

I`m in SoW....... really enjoy this; papped out 1st round last time; must do better! :)