The man pioneering football hooliganism in the USA


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2 Press ups and a karate kick that was about 18 inches off the ground ffs , full of wind and piss with a mouth as big as Bournemouth or should that be Boring Mouth …. Tosser !


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Lived in Toronto for a while and their “casuals” were laughable. The guys couldn’t fight sleep and the chants they came out with were cringeworthy.

it’s just the culture there. I worked at a nightclub called Guverment for a few months and never saw a single fight.If anything kicked off, the guys would just stand there and trash talk until the bouncers came to “break it up”. One of the bouncers asked if the same happened in Scotland and I simply told him that if you decide to start a fight with someone in a pub then you’d better be ready to take the punches that will inevitably come with it.

Not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing, but they just don’t have that in their culture.


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Trump needs to get that wall up pronto and get that bellend on the other side of it.
Diablo FFS!!!!
change consent