The Moon-howling from the regulars on the DR Hotline this week will be fun


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I can barely wait to read some of the comments from the usual suspects on the Daily Rhetard Hotline this week.
I can just imagine the wailing and gnashing of those shouting Covid, Alfredo, the referee, etc, etc.
It may take a few days for some of them to dare to put their heads above the parapet.
Looking forward to reading the columns on here posted ever helpfully by @mdingwall


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Gordon Ashley I can't waste to taste his tarrier tears.

Wonder if he will mention the words 10 in a row and every Rangers fans nightmare as he seems to in every call.

Pathetic man


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For me it’s a week of Daily Record Hotline and Super Scoreboard.

“We have Martin from Coatbridge and he’s not happy with .....”

I also hope RC telephone* “Articulated Laurie”from Dennistoun.

*It has been proven that RC phone him - confirming the whole programme is a sham.

Blue Lew

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Their problem is that they genuinely believe they cant be beaten, their arrogance knows no bounds.
They still think we are a team of Kiernan’s and Martin’s who will capitulate and bow down to them.
Three years ago I was at a family do (wife’s side) and my nephew’s mates who are grown men openly said that Celtc would easily do 10, more like 15 and would only stop when they decided to.
Is anyone surprised at how badly they react to a defeat when that is their mindset? Hell f.ucking mend them.

Ardoyne RSC

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I am not so sure. I think they will crawl under their rocks for a week or so. I hope i'm wrong though, cos a enjoy a good chortle.
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