The most Scottish looking Scottish player?


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Colin Hendry was my first thought
Was mine too but actually how many Scottish people actually look like that? Don't think I even know 1 tbh!! He gets the vote for how Scottish people are perceived to look like, your archetypal Scottish braveheart!!

In my area? Would have to be John McGinn, majority here have a flat face with no chin and map of Ireland stamped all over it!! :rolleyes:


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Embarrassing thread just shows how insular Scotland is .How can you look Scottish there is no such thing people look different in every country we all have doppledangers all over the world.


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Davie Cooper. Sublime in a shite scotland team albeit he killed big jock in Cardiff.

I jest. Not appropriate.

But DC was the epitomy of a scottish player.

Put yer Moyes photo against a genius.