The Neil Lennon phone call that ended Alan Thompson’s Celtic career and sent him into ‘depression and darkness’


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"All I did was drink drive and take loads of coke, lenny is a disgrace for not backing me for a job" :))

Zero self awareness.


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I was wondering why this fanny has been in the news so much lately, didn’t realise he had a book out.

I tend to not judge individuals that much from the media/publications though.

That said, I had the misfortune of encountering him, Lee Clark and the Blackpool squad when they were at a London hotel before a game a few years back. Needless to say he was propping up the bar pished and acting like a total ‘do you know who I am’ arsehole.

Living up to his reputation for sure. A bitter wank of a man.


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So he is upset and being released from his well paying job due to being a drunk, junkie whoremaster???

My heart bleeds for the dog faced ugly c nu t


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Nicknamed after a dog because of how ugly he is.

Weird. I'd have said he was more like a really ugly hyena.

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"I can remember Lenny ringing me up when he was the caretaker and saying, ‘Listen, Tommo I’ve not got the job yet, however should I get it full-time I’d like you beside me in the trenches’.

2 minutes Lenny I've got a cargo to pick up at Oddbins....


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When I was working in Newcastle we were in Tiger Tiger at the Gate, he heard the Glasgow accents and wandered over to our table, he asked what team we supported and was told in no uncertain terms who we supported.. One of the managers came over and apologised as he had a habit of going to tables looking for the table to buy him drinks. Also allegedly that's where the League Cup "disappeared"


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Imagine being an ugly bastard being the favourable option as to how you got your nickname.


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"It didn’t surprise me when he told me this after the drink-driving, cocaine allegations and affair. I asked Lenny what his take was on it.

He makes that statement then blames his "pal" for him getting sacked!!

Taking no personal responsibility for getting the boot, who does that remind you of?

Couple of absolute wanks, fu** them!! B-D


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They do like stabbing each other when things wrong.
It's brilliant.

The absolute rocket is done for drink driving, cocaine, he's shagging around with another woman but its all someone elses fault and he doesnt deserve it.

A self entitled twat. Hopefully his future employers give his book a read before employing him as it shows the type of man he is. Guy is abhorrent.


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Sounds like his book is a hitlist of the manky mob. Yesterday Scott McDonald, today Lennon.

Wonder who is next?

Sounds like “Hooch” is a bit bitter!
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'Aye i was drink driving, out my box on gear and shagging about behind my wifes back but i wanted my pal to risk his own job to save mine.'

As much as Lennon is a horrible wee fanny, i dont think Chimp is being fair here.
The lack of self awareness is breathtaking.
He must host one of the loneliest brain cells in football.


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Brilliant :))

Only reason he’s putting a book out is because he’s desperate. I didn’t think anyone would want to know about anything he had to say. But these have been gold this week!


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I was reading that half expecting him to say Lennon should have backed him as the allegations of his drinking, cocaine and adultery were a load of shite.

He basically admits it was all true but Lennon should have backed him anyway as it was a personal issue. They were well within their rights to can him.

Strange dude.


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He used to live in Whitecraigs (posh part of Giffnock/Newton Mearns). His house was on one of my jogging routes. In his driveway was a Bentley, Porsche and a Mini Cooper. He must have been doing fine. Bought that house for £950k and sold it within a couple of years for a £400k profit. I hope his wife screwed him for every penny.


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theres a depression thread as a sticky on here.
strange people taking delight in a guy having it, only because he was associated with Celtic.
The man is a Rangers hating cvunt.
We are still allowed to dislike Rangers hating cvunts even ones with an illness.
Having an illness doesn't make you a better person.
I think we are all intelligent enough to separate the issues relating to this cvunt.


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imagine being called Hooch because you're an ugly f*cker by Neil Lennon of all people. Nobody deserves that.