The 'Official New Kit Thread' 2019-20


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That’s too late if it’s normalised as we were promised it would be .
Is summer not the usual time strips are sold ? Don't also forget Ashley is still sniffing around with his court cases and could affect dates or production.

My preference would be at the start of June before the football season starts again or before the Euro qualifiers.

Sir Sasa Papac

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Would be surprised if we had blue home, red away and black third. Would usually have a lighter kit in there to avoid clashes. If we play a team that play in red/blue stripes (Inverness for example) then home, away and third could possibly be too similar. But I suppose Ross County play them wearing their dark blue home kit so it has been done but still think they are too similar.

Too similar? Have you forgotten to put your eyes in today? They are nothing like each other


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I often wonder what teams like Inter, AC Milan and Atleti fans think of their kits each season because not much changes about them.
The Atleti fans were horrified at the last effort. They like us, prefer a traditional kit, sticking to traditional styles.


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surprised no one has photoshopped anything based on the descriptions on here of the three kits, our FF photoshoppers usually have them made by Christmas...and they are always better than what we actually bring out.


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Can’t wait to get a swatch at these especially the new home

Got a feeling it’s going to be a simply smashing


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Still not sure on that Inter kit.

Away kit is to be teal, gold and black which doesn’t sound good.

Away kit is to be black with yellow logos and is based on a kit from the 90’s which sounds better.


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Don’t think the mock up is doing it much favours for some on here.

I think it’ll look better in real life.

Saying that I am a fan of the mock up just now.


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Nike today finally revealed the final design of the fan designed Nike Chelsea kit. It is dubbed the Nike Chelsea Shirtholder's kit and inspired by Chelsea's 2012 Champions League triumph.

Some months ago, Nike announced that they will release a special Chelsea Shirtholder's edition fan shirt, designed with the help of fans who bought the Chelsea 2018-2019 third kit. Now the design process of the Nike Chelsea Fan Shirtholder's kit has reached the end

The Nike Chelsea Shirtholder's edition kit features an outstanding design that is inspired by the match data of the Chelsea vs Bayern München 2012 Champions League final. The mainly blue Nike Chelsea 2018 Shirtholder's kit boasts an orange gradient design that draws inspiration from Drogba's iconic moments in the Champions League final.

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