The old FF mesageboard on FootyMad - over 4000 pages going back to 2006


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6,117 posts from me in 10 years on that board.

I'm on here waaaay too much.

I have more on here because it is easier to keep up with.

On that board, you could reply and go away then come back to 8 extra pages and not know where you were at.

I would hate to know how many hours I've wasted on any FF board over the last 16 years!


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How some things never seem to change ...

A thread I started in 28/12/2015: "Time for the club to start making noises about on-field antics."

" Yet another game where the opposition has been allowed to hack, elbow, dive, play-act and generally cheat their way throughout, with ineffective "officiating".

Surely to fe*k it's time by now for the club to come out and start pointing out the on-field assaults, generally unpunished by the refs ?

Or will we continue to hope that our players go unscathed (and not the only ones to be red-carded) in the coming vital games ahead ?


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Was excited to see I had three unread messages !! Excitement waned rapidly when I saw they were all from Suck :D

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