The phrase " if its not a penalty he has to get booked"


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Not in relation to tonight's game. This phrase really annoys me, if two players challenge for the ball and one goes down outside the box that seems to be fine but if the same thing happens inside the box you always hear someone saying if it's not a penalty the attacker should get booked for diving. Just because there is no foul does not mean that a player has dived, the other player may just be stronger, why do folk seem to think that it's either a penalty or a dive.


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Indeed. Ironically, despite their protestations, they should have had the first penalty shout, although it might have been soft, whereas the one they did get was a błatant dive from Forest.
Tom Daley would have been proud to be able to dive like the way Forrest dived tonight , cheatin’ bastard practices it often enough .