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This thread is the exact reason that you should read every post regardless of how boring the thread title sounds, I'm in stitches here laughing so much. I was just expecting "aye it looks nice" etc

This 100%

As I said in the conspiracy thread. I noticed there was like 5 pages on a thread about the Titanic, initially though, load of rubbish, it hit an iceberg and sank.

I actually opened it and read through and it was wild ride of ship switching and insurance fraud conspiracy theories :D


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Oh aye , if you zoom in on the photo that was taken of the pitch last week right at either side of the goal , at the Copland stand side zoom right in and you’ll still be able to see nothing !!! Happy hangover Don


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Yeah I heard their was a problem in the Copeland end of the pitch too. There's a bit of a hole around 8 feet in diameter. Apparently before the Brighton game Ajer had to be restrained and removed from the stadium as he was still running in circles looking for Defoe. Nothing a few wheel barrows of soil and a handful of seed won't sort out though.

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Noticed a line running along the length of the pitch on Saturday. The grass looks a slightly lighter shade.

When they turned on the sprinklers at the Sandy Jardine Stand side, it looked as though this is where one of the sprinkler pipeline runs beneath that set of sprinklers (assuming the pipe runs length wise along the pitch).
Took a pic while the players were warming up and you can see the line in the pic.

Is this what Donald55 is referring to?

Problem is I don't know how to post the picture!
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It’s not just at the Copland end penalty box tosser, it’s at the broomloan also. I see it also Donald.