The Rage & Denial Continues On Youtube


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Was there not a video of this clown the other day after Galatasary.
I'm almost certain he wasn't Irish in that one though.


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"you will never beat us, never! “
Eh, we just did. Thanks for the plastic hard man act, we can taste your pain and it's delicious! Go and cry into your w@nk sock.


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I get the feeling that he’s just ripping the pish, and he isn’t really a tarrier. He’s got the strangest accent ever, even for an Irish person, but more than that, he talks absolute shite which would normally be a tell tale tarrier sign, but with this cunt it just seems he’s actually got no clue what he’s doing or saying. It’s almost like an experiments gone wrong here, both with this individual himself and with maybe a YouTube likes experiment or something? Let’s see how many tarriers he can get following him or something?
A fucking roaster.


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I wonder how the players that started for them yesterday now feel getting called a c team? Hopefully causes more disruption and disharmony :D!


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I love the bit when he gets all confused after saying we have tiny little minds.
Something quite sinister about that cvnt though.
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