The Rage & Denial Continues On Youtube


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The pain on his face for our first is delicious

Hahaha. If you haven’t done so go to 1:47:49, when Walker says ‘he’s on a hat trick’ hahaha. Brilliant!

Pure, unadulterated pain! Ohhhh, you love to see it!

Really don’t get why anyone would do that. I can’t even watch these games with family/mates never mind streaming it to the world. Mental but I’m glad he did.


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You know when you say things over and over again to try and convince yourself?....."you beat our C team, you beat our C team"
Then mentions Edouard was missing 100 times and Christie once or twice.
What a child.

PS grow a proper beard if you're going to grow one. Not some weird border round your coupon that you've got going on.

Jules Winfield

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You would think one of the inbreeds would question why they spunked nearly 10 million on two c team strikers that aren’t good enough for the first team

Chris the Bandito

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If there is an equivalent to a terrorist watch list for would be psychopaths then someone in law enforcement needs to get his name and address.

Filming that level of obsessive rage in yourself is so far outside healthy that it's genuinely scary.

When we win the league he's going to try to kill someone or he's going to provoke someone into killing him


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Regardless of the ramblings , is it just me that finds it odd anyone video themselves for 3 hours with the before , during & after a game ? I’d rather watch it and enjoy it , and if not enjoying it least no one else can see I am not.


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Listen guys i kinda agree with a small part of it. We have all seen this before and we won nothing yesterday. But on the same point i cant see them getting to Christmas without dropping points

Henry Hill

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I actually like that they want that to be the narrative
Means they still think they are better than us, delusional


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Been finding the party line is “we were down to the bare bones”.I find this hilarious.Their bench cost almost as much as our starting 11.
This should be encouraged. If they continue to buy into this , they will not look into whats really happening.


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Angry wee man with a big mouth. That type always end up picking up second prizes after a bit of pavement dancing outside a pub. His day will come right enough....
This guy reminds me physically and mentally of one of the compulsive liars I worked with at Chivas out in Renfrew. One of those guys whose riding everyone and has a new Porsche constantly "on order" as a reward for his work with the Special Forces. Genuinely disturbed individuals. If his goal was to look like a mentalist on possibly the worst Youtube channel on the planet then he's a roaring success. The definition of Ricky Gervais's pug-faced gimp.
His two main bits of patter seem to be how much he supports Lenny and how he will "always be here, fru-n-fru, fick and fin", etc, etc. And throwing things about his wanking chamber.

Let's see how long his channel lasts when it becomes apparent that 55 is on the way.


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He isn't Irish, he was torn apart on Twitter by people he went to school with saying he used to be Scottish :)) :)) :))


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I just typed in Celtic blog on YouTube and watched 3 mutants crying for half an hour, best TV I've watched in years.


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He's not Irish. An east coaster I believe who puts on that weird hybrid accent. Strange.
It’s genuinely a complete act. He doesn’t even care about them, it’s just a persona to get online followers and get a bit of cash on the side.
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