The Rage & Denial Continues On Youtube


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So good watching them with the scatter gun blame game. Relying on our form crashing to win the league! Wow that is priceless.


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Hahaha. If you haven’t done so go to 1:47:49, when Walker says ‘he’s on a hat trick’ hahaha. Brilliant!

Pure, unadulterated pain! Ohhhh, you love to see it!

Really don’t get why anyone would do that. I can’t even watch these games with family/mates never mind streaming it to the world. Mental but I’m glad he did.


Want a wee pikey bastard.

Watching some dodgy steam no doubt on his stolen iPhone - giving it big licks about "diversify his community" but "wanting to punch Rangers"

One things for sure, he's either gonna end up dead or in a nonce wing.


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This is the best 2 minutes on all of YouTube.

It's the way he resets the camera after the 2nd goal so we can see him gurning and smashing the wall. Like the accent, it's all put on and he's a walking pantomine. Never a true fan of any club. Not born into it like most of us. He's as plastic as they come and it shows.


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" you can fool half the people half the time......." I nearly pissed myself laughing at that. If he wants to look like Lincoln, fine, but try and get his quotes right, too. Shouldn't laugh, because in all honesty he probably does have some mental health issues and is in need of help.


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Irish Mick is not right in the head.

I do thoroughly enjoy the fact that the conspiracy theories are eating them up though. That’s delicious.


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This kunt is an absolite wierdo. He honestly believes he is some sort of YouTube phenomenon and is followed by millions.

I have watched some of his videos just for the sheer hilarity that they bring. Is he even Irish cause his accent sounds fake as fuk.


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Been finding the party line is “we were down to the bare bones”.I find this hilarious.Their bench cost almost as much as our starting 11.
Which S G pointed out with the figures of the £millions that was on the park playing for them yesterday during his Sky interview.


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Just as well Mick doesn’t have a bird. He is definitely the type for knocking women about after a match.

Once a BEAR

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This silly lady's front bottom doesn’t realise that Jack, Aribo, Roofe and Zungu didn’t start for us and they are more or less certain starters for us

Atheist Bear

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You know when you say things over and over again to try and convince yourself?....."you beat our C team, you beat our C team"
Then mentions Edouard was missing 100 times and Christie once or twice.
What a child.

PS grow a proper beard if you're going to grow one. Not some weird border round your coupon that you've got going on.

Well maybe you should’ve put your A team out then, you c*nt. What’s that? You couldn’t? Well that’s your problem then you dunce. F*ck you.


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As a resident of Erskine I have the deck chair ready for the end of the season to witness them flying off the bridge. 55 on its way
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