The Raging Celtic Youtuber Has Returned!


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The guy made sense at first then he called stevie shite and then towards end started saying we lost our gerrard (brendan) lol. Absolutely insane.

I was howling at bit were he said lawell can fack off hes as thick as lennon too


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On a serious note this prick needs to get his left glass eye tightened - Raging so hard he had to push it back in the socket 468 times in 21 minutes. Its seemed to happen every time he said "as i've already mentioned"


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Who is Roy? I'd like to thank him for inspiring this eejit with what he said. Post match entertainment :))

Chris the Bandito

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Serious question. Are these people mentally unwell?
Seem to be.

So desperate to be seen by literally dozens of strangers (99% of whom will be rival fans just along to laugh AT you) that they are willing to sacrifice any shred of self- respect that somehow permeated their gene pool in the delusion that anyone thinks their opinion matters.


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One of the more saner Tim's who gives us a bit of credit and in fairness slaughters lennon and the team for their performance.


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He's obviously a mongo.

"How can we go from beating them 5-0 to this"

Theres literally years of a difference in the teams you fucking reprobate
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