The red card


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Straight leg, studs in the air, it's a clear red; Arfield in no way does the same, and is clearly trying to win the ball.


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Per the rules - it's a red.

That doesn't mean I agree with it.

I felt Ferguson on Goldson was worse in that what would he have done if he won the ball? Nothing.


A basic understanding of quantum mechanics which allows you to be in two places at one time would suggest that it was Morelos who should have been sent off.. The Sunday papers tomorrow will explain it better than I can..


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Undeniable red card. Rules came in years ago about raising studs. Wouldn't argue if it was one of our players making the challenge.


He’s jumped 2 feet off the ground in to it. Straight red 100%. No idea how anyone could have seen airfield at any fault. Even Hayes knew it.

It’s like saying Arfield could have been sent off if he punched him. He didn’t. Same as he didn’t go in recklessly.