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The Deodorant Avoiders really dae think they have first dibs on any form of huddle.

A new one for them would be forming a closed circle which folk will instantly recognise as theirs solely. They'd all walk away from that formation with hard ons.

They would have that exclusively.


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To be fair to this guy, he seems to have been the only figure connected to Celtic prepared to do anything about the abuse allegations.

It landed him in trouble with the police:

Gerry McSherry used to be a regular on phone-ins and backed the pre-McCann board.
That shows the dispicable coverup that has happened with the whole paedo ring in all its shame.

The police are as complicit in this as others, by their failure to adequately investigate information presented to them.


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Declan Mulhearn from Dumbarton and Isabella Livingstone from Mount Florida are the two names who seemed to get into the Hotline every single day when my family used to get the Rhetard in the 90s. So much so that their names are ingrained on my mind all these years later.

Anyone know if they're still alive and phoning up on a daily basis? :D
Whit team did Declan Mulhearn support ? :cool:


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Ha ha, Pat Thomson desperate to get back into Ibrox - sorry, Patrick, it’s not childishness, we simply don’t like you, don’t need you and don’t want you back. Ever.
I was just showing a septic man one of the main reasons why we’ve went the way we have.
A camera angle from behind the goal at the septic end shows ho far round our support used to get.
Probably near to the “near post”.
Nowadays we’re behind the corner flag.
Said septic man thought this was years ago.
The pic I showed him was when Mendes scored the screamer.
Around ten years ago.


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The mhutants know that they were lucky to sneak out of Ibrox with a 1-0 defeat. They also know we have made signings that will improve our starting eleven, whilst the signing activity at the Chamber of Secrets is totally underwhelming.
Roll on #55


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First ill Phil, now the Hotline with no Sevco references - is the narrative changing at last? A light being shone on their own boards failings? A win on Wednesday will loosen their arse cheeks even more (sorry, ghastly image), make it happen Rangers.


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These numpties are totally obsessed with anything Glasgow Rangers,
Mcsherry,mulhern,spunky robertson of landen,seem to know more about “us “than their supposed own team.


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Is that for the most ridiculous quote of the day .
That stuck out for me too, and to be honest there’s a few quotes that must’ve run it close.

If you notice too it’s Michael Gannon who took the calls and I presume he chooses his favourite, so it shows how much of an utter fanny he is (not that we didn’t already know that!)


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Gordon Ashley from Ayr. Two days in a row getting his comment on the hotline.

Too much time on you hands pal? Job search not coming along very well.

Ya pish stained fu.ckwit