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I’d Imagine getting through to the Hotline these days would be tougher than getting a doctors appointment - a rabid pack of frothing tarrier bellends, jamming the lines, hanging on for hours then trying and failing to be witty when they get their slot. The twisted look on their ugly faces as they spout their bile would be horrific to behold. As has been said many times however, half these ‘Bon mots’ are obviously from Record ‘journalists’ too cowardly to put them in their own column, the `Dallas Cowboys being a perfect example.


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Supposed Rangers supporters comments in the “Timmy times “?
Strange not one comment on broons,and their centre backs tackling,and elbow smash!unbiased reporting my arse,this is where most of footballing problems start the biased mhedia.
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The fact that the headlined Quote Of The Day is a total (deliberate?) mis-quote in saying the tackle was by Jack and not on Jack tells you all you need to know about the editorial mindset at this horrible rag.


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It's certainly consistent! Tim after Tim after Tim after Tim.........

Would fit right in the Celtic View..........

Obviously Schumacher bhoy hasn't seen Kung-Fu Craig.

I am sure I saw a pic a while back of Schumacher in an office - with a Gers top on the wall. Looked him up on Wiki - he must have been Klos's keeper coach at Dortmund.
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The comment from Alan McGaw is 100% spot on.

Had Morelos been the one dishing out a similar challenge like Power or McGinn, Scottish football would have lost its shit.....

Again, we’re refereed to a different standard....


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The Police have got the guy who assaulted the Hearts keeper. He was also picked up for being on the park at Hampden after they won the Scottish Cup. Got a mere telling off for that.


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The last two days and there hadn’t been a single negative comment about septic and their fan base.
Either no Rangers fan calls them with any complaints or they’re being ignored.
In my opinion, the record’s agenda is encapsulated in these last two days phone-ins.


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I would hazard a guess that if you were go back through the hotline and snippets and add up the negative comments towards each team, we would be +300 over the next team would probably not even be in double digits.