The Rosevale Tavern Pre-Match

Nacho Novo

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The pub that Walter Smith owned in Partick and home to the Blues Brothers RSC of which he was also Club President of before he sadly passed away.

A fitting tribute to head here for drinks before the game as will many others I'm sure. Having read the Exhibition Centre train station thread there might not be access to cross over the river due to COP26 anyway so away into the Rosevale in good company and escape this monsoon outside it is! Subway from Partick over to Ibrox to tie a flag and scarf to the famous blue gates is the plans for later on.

It just feels like the right thing to do before tonight's big match and I hope many others will also use his pub pre-match and raise a glass to the great man in the sky looking over his beloved Rangers tonight and forever after, Sir Walter Smith.

Legends Never Die