The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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Pack of cards!!!
I've said it once and I'll say it a million times, I was glad Lego eater signed a new deal, I was hopeful of Cracker hips would stay, I am thankful Thumb heid hasn't commited Hari Kari and as much as an Ibrox mauling should end the female abusing, popcorn teeth Lurgan bigots spell as manager. I WANTED THEM ALL TO EXPERIENCE 55
Not a bad ratio though. Do the business Thursday boys!

DJ Blue

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From the BBC

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Post update
FT: Celtic 3-4 Cluj
The Fields of Athenry echoes around a forlorn and angry Celtic Park as the fans flood towards the exits.
This was a game Celtic were expected to win. Conceding four goals at home was not in the script.
The pocket of travelling Cluj supporters are going absolutely bananas, serenading their heroes.


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Since the stitch-up that saw us being demoted to the bowels of Scottish football, they've always counted on the CL money to give them that all-important financial advantage. With Cluj humping them they'll see the writing on the wall - their number's up. The knives will be out for TLB - just sit back and watch the carnage. The mother of all meltdowns is about to begin.
Throw into it the Pedo Ring shame as well.

This could be Apocalyptic :D


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More: I’m not entirely sure we will recover from this this season


This will send a shock wave through the club and any notion of momentum

It’s a fekkin mess


Lennon is not good enough

No where near good enough

Tactics selection all wrong



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here is the entradas...

Aye the board didn't buy a £3M LB and they played McGregor ar LB FFS
Morgan gtf
What effin bollocks

We have tens of millions in the bank but no effin scouting network and a clueless twat who has cost us 90m over last 5 yrs by effin up transfers

He should be hunted now
Get tae eff lawell
Disgustingly pathetic. We aren’t winning 9IAR with this either
That mob were bang eff average and we’ve just conceded 4, eff 4 to them at home. Scandalous.
Brown at fault for both second half goals:p


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You just know the story wont be how bad celtic are... it will be about how bad must scotish football be and how the national game is.
Im delighted they are out.
Now lets slay the wounded bheasts and deliver 55 Rangers.