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FT: Celtic 3-4 Cluj
The Fields of Athenry echoes around a forlorn and angry Celtic Park as the fans flood towards the exits.
This was a game Celtic were expected to win. Conceding four goals at home was not in the script.
The pocket of travelling Cluj supporters are going absolutely bananas, serenading their heroes.
Ah, the anthem of the world's perennial losers.
Just a sample from Kerryfail

Oot on our arse against that mob ffs

Abject pish. Heids must roll over this, but they won't.

And there you go that is now why we can't spend any money received for players, but hey ho we are all complete dumb eff and it is more important for us to be ahead of our brain dead bigotted neighbours than it is to make a name for ourselves in Europe what a eff shambles of a club!

Squad should be bought prior to these play off games so it gives us a fighting chance of qualifying, it seems like we will wait and see if we qualify before we spend. This is the pattern that PL has worked over the years and it keeps biting us. Absolutely disgusted with the way they operate

Broony cost us it tonight. His madness at the penalty is when the tie turned. Shameful.

That's the sort of thing that gets managers sacked at other clubs.

Jesus eff Christ.

brian mclair's hair
Telling ye

The car park

It’s the only place we can go to make our disgust heard

(My personal favorite)
matt9876 wrote:Brown at fault for both second half goals
Playing 3 at the back didn't help.
4 goals at home to Cluj... 7 million centre half on bench, 3.2million left back on bench, ukranian winger not even on the bench.

What’s the point?

Money in the bank a mediocre manager and we don’t fill gaps with decent quality.

Celtic can eff off
Complete shambles !!!!

We were undone by Broonies madness.
Utterly diabolical.
Lawwell should be chased and Lennon well he should be chased as well for tonight.
That’s as bad as we have been in years
See you all next season for the same again.


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More: That's all on Lennon. Cluj cost about 10 million, we've got individual players worth more than that. Cluj were more organised and knew what they were doing. Conceding 4 to them is eff poor.

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As much as I’m laughing could this be bad for us. I’m thinking us after Kaunas. Where we spent and got mendes and Davis. Will they now spend the tierney money. . Cos that defence is shite
Their wage budget is so high they need CL money. The Tierney money is simply going to be used for the shortfall that they are reliant on. It’s just unfortunate the last 2 seasons they’ve gotten a whack of cash for players when they’ve been papped out.