The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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As much as I’m laughing could this be bad for us. I’m thinking us after Kaunas. Where we spent and got mendes and Davis. Will they now spend the tierney money. . Cos that defence is shite
what kind of player will they get though with no CL games to entice any decent player to come to scotland.. they will have to pay over the odds in salaries and transfer fees as clubs and players will know they are desperate to get someone decent in and increase their valuations and salary demands,
Could well even this early, turn out to be a season defining result for both them and us.
Not just the financial consequences, but the impact on their morale particularly with Lennon in the dugout should hand us a psychological advantage.
If they qualify for the Europa league that keeps them playing on Thursday nights so we're not playing catch up on a Sunday.
It's a massive blow to them however you look at it and can only be excellent news for us.
We must not slip up on Thursday!