The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here

Laidlaw Loyal

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Kerrydale highlights

*An absolute shambles

*Heads should roll after this. eff god awful shambolic nonsense. WTF is Lennon playing at!!!????

*Embarrassing. Feckin’ embarrassing.

*Brown at fault for both second half goals

*£10m worth of players sitting on the bench, a midfielder at left back. eff deserve everything we get. Absolute rid neck. Disgusted.

*Genuinely lost for words.

*That's the sort of thing that gets managers sacked at other clubs.
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from earlier on this evening:



Older than dirt

7:51 PM - Today#2
We’ll do these blood suckers, no problem

65 pages later:

brian mclair's hair


Off treasure hunting in Holland

43 seconds ago#1290
I’m not entirely sure we will recover from this this season


This will send a shock wave through the club and any notion of momentum

It’s a fekkin mess


Lennon is not good enough

No where near good enough

Tactics selection all wrong



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From their forum: McGregor at LB? 10 mins of punting the ball forward at the end was pointless. That shambles is Lawwell's doing. We are going into these CL campaigns totally unprepared. Special mention for Brown. WTF was he doing with the handball???
We can't help but shot ourselves in the foot.

Morgan has no place in a Celtic team.
Bain has regressed.


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Checked the score a while back, they were 2-1 up and I just thought it was up to the Czechs in the next round.

Talk about a pleasant surprise when I came on here a couple of minutes ago.