The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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I’ll take all the credit for this,... scanned my sky scores app and saw it was 0-1 early on. I decided NOT to peak at any scores until the game was well over... I’m 100% sure had I checked the papes would have sneaked it.

I did it. FTP. ;-)
Sorry mate but it was my credit I walked past 4 orish bars on holiday tonight and didn’t even look at the score. Got back to the apartment and seen it was 3-3 after 87 mins s waited till a full 20 mins later before checking. Think i might just head back out again now lol.


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Not quite. He was quite measured. To be honest he had every right to throw the lego muncher under the bus after tonight’s penalty incident but refused to do so.

A few points dropped in the league and that will all change though.
This puts some pressure on. It won’t take much for him to go nuclear and lose the dressing room, after tonight might come quicker than we thought.


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Fuck, can't remember... Who was the defender for us that did exactly what Brown did in a European game? Stupid handball with no real danger. Would have been around 2000ish. Doing my head in trying to remember.
Villarreal game at Ibrox I’m sure? Bit later than 2000ish though.

Can’t mind who it was that gave away the pen either.
Oh well.

It would've been nice going back to Glasgow again .

Does this mean they are in Thursday Cup ? If so I hope they get United as I'll watch it for a laugh.
Celtic got what they deserved - nothing'
FT: Celtic 3-4 Cluj
Tom English
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It's a catastrophic performance, catastrophic result. Celtic defended really, really poorly, they were slack multiple times. This was the night when the defence caught them out.
Celtic got what they deserved, which is nothing. You concede four goals in your own stadium when you limit them to one away from home. It's awful. I'm really shocked.
You could argue Cluj defended worse than the tims. All 3 sellick goals were poor defending.


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Didn’t want to pass further comment until it was done but listening to Radio Catholica at the moment is brilliant, it’s like there’s been a death in the family and the knives are out for popcorn teeth & their 10m worth of defenders who were left out.