The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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More: That's all on Lennon. Cluj cost about 10 million, we've got individual players worth more than that. Cluj were more organised and knew what they were doing. Conceding 4 to them is eff poor.

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As much as I’m laughing could this be bad for us. I’m thinking us after Kaunas. Where we spent and got mendes and Davis. Will they now spend the tierney money. . Cos that defence is shite
Their wage budget is so high they need CL money. The Tierney money is simply going to be used for the shortfall that they are reliant on. It’s just unfortunate the last 2 seasons they’ve gotten a whack of cash for players when they’ve been papped out.


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Kerrydale highlights

£10m worth of players sitting on the bench, a midfielder at left back. eff deserve everything we get. Absolute rid neck. Disgusted.

Genuinely lost for words.

That's the sort of thing that gets managers sacked at other clubs.
Isn't that just half a player for them?


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More pain:Defence is a shambles. Can’t defend cross balls, we look in trouble anytime a decent cross comes in. The Keeper needs cleaned out, he’s just not good enough. Losing 4 goals at home to an average team is criminal - I’m not sure what our tactics were, Lennon needs to shoulder the blame for that.

Recruitment and lack of planning has killed our chances again. Roll on Sunday afternoons (if we make the EL).


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You just know the story wont be how bad celtic are... it will be about how bad must scotish football be and how the national game is.
Im delighted they are out.
Now lets slay the wounded bheasts and deliver 55 Rangers.
100 million* champions league money floats out the door of the paedodome
*Daily Record estimate