The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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Some more....
That's all on Lennon. Cluj cost about 10 million, we've got individual players worth more than that. Cluj were more organised and knew what they were doing. Conceding 4 to them is eff poor.
Defence is a shambles. Can’t defend cross balls, we look in trouble anytime a decent cross comes in. The Keeper needs cleaned out, he’s just not good enough. Losing 4 goals at home to an average team is criminal - I’m not sure what our tactics were, Lennon needs to shoulder the blame for that.
Lennon should walk. Even if just a grfuy to Lawell, but he should walk. Amateur stuff tonight.
’m not entirely sure we will recover from this this season


This will send a shock wave through the club and any notion of momentum

It’s a fekkin mess


Lennon is not good enough

No where near good enough

Tactics selection all wrong



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This one isn't happy.

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Don't let that last minute goal make you forget that Scott Brown punched us out the Champions League.
We had £10 million of new signings sitting on the bench, and our best player shoved out to LB, just so Lennon could allow his 34 year old pal to run about the pitch like an invalid and lose every 50/50.
Scott Bain starting to show why we got him on a free from fucking Dundee. Woeful at the first and third goals. Craig Gordon would have saved both.
We knew that we had to spend about £20 million on 6 or 7 players this summer, to both compete in the league and get through the qualifiers. We've spent £11 million on four and one of them played tonight. Not a fucking penny of that Tierney money will get spent now to compensate for this loss.
I've been saying it for months, the only team that will stop Celtic is Celtic. The combination of that fat lady's front bottom in the boardroom, that clueless ginger on the touchline and that "captain, leader, legend" starting every game will cost us big time this season. This is just the first of many.


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I shall wait until we have played and hopefully won before engaging in some GIRUY with re Poops fans.
So for those who watched can we beat them?
They played 3-5-2 and got tore apart on the counter.

They are a threat going forward, but Cluj were poor in defence.

If they try these tactics against us, we will beat them easily.

Cluj pressed them high early but didn't have the stamina to maintain it.
They came back into it at start of second half but Cluj could have scored another 2 or 3 easily with more composure.