The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here

Blue Booda

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Just watched the highlights on YouTube, a couple of things!

Firstly Celtic defence is pish!!!! Nae neck is their key attacking threat! Isn’t it beautiful to see them under pressure already!!!! on Earth does Scott Brown remain on the park after his deliberate hand ball in the box....straight red surely?

Where does the 8 mins of injury time come from.....was the ref trying to give them more time and it backfired?

Will UEFA pick up on the missiles being launched at the FC Cluj players and staff following their 4th goal? Will it be mentioned in the ref report?
Brown looks done, Kamara showed him up in the last game but he looks totally gone now

Missles - yep bottles the lot aimed at them celebrating the winner, waiting for the same outcry when we broke a sheet of plywood at Killie

a small point but sums up them, I watched the last 20 mins, when Cluj were chasing the game, their Goalie could not get a ball back from the ball boys (these are young lads, they have been told to do this ......) it backfired though when the Dims were chasing the game with a few minutes left, the ball boys were in such a rush THEN !!! 3 balls ended up on the park wasting their own time ;-)
On the heels of the Cluij debacle, if they were then knocked out of the Europa League, and to top things off managed to lose the first OF encounter at Ibrox - all hell then would break loose. In that event I'd imagine the emergency rooms in Glasgow hospitals would be working overtime - on Sunday evening the city would probably be a dangerous place to be.
I've maintained the big flaw at the piggery is the fact that they gave the Tramp the big job. He is really one of our greatest assets this season.

Listening to him putting the blame for thier exit firmly on the players instead of his bizarre tactics was a joy to behold. This is only the beginning with the Tramp and I can see him self destruct after we beat them at Ibrox.
Police are in position at all his ex’s you know what they are like after a defeat.


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They were chasing the game at that point tbf they were going gun ho
well aye but their back four were all there or thereabouts when the ball's pumped up into the sky and when it drops they're nowhere to be seen. Going hung-ho doesn't mean your back four just disappear. Awful awful defending.
Their arrogance still knows no limits. They talk about "10iar" before they've won 9. They claim to be a CL club and are above EL. They're about 50/50 qualifying in our years dropped down.

Listening to Talksport, they had tarriers on talking about these things and "no even worried aboot Rangers".

Even tonight, Lennon blames his defense, when Cluj gifted them all 3 goals. How about you're not as good or as smart as you think you are. You got your bum felt by an average Romanian team, because of that arrogance.

Long may it continue.

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Hullo. Hullo is that Arsenal.
Where’s the rest aah the money. Yees only gave us 25 million, it’s supposed to be 52 million.

First link I found was this

Starts off in Romanian and bizarrely switches to Celtic tv after 30 seconds.
Here’s the non BBC edits :Watch the first 30 secs
Skip to 2:41 and be sure to wave back at Scott Brown when he waves to you.
Skip to 5:40 and watch the rest until the end.


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On the same note, at the end of the Motherwell vs Scum game a few players didn't seem exactly desperate to seek out their manager. Particularly their new defender.
I have no doubt Lennon will start to alienate players after tonight. But let's hope for the correct timing too. We don't want him out too soon. A slow decline, a humping of them in December to create a 12 point gap would be just about right.

And just like that, I realize I haven't considered a Jeffery Epstein conspiracy theory for almost three hours.


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This thread is top notch, my thanks to one and all.
It's funny the way the mind works, with all the posts about a Romanian team,for some reason the first link to that country that popped into my head was the Count from Sesame Street...:oops:
Not remotely technically proficient,but I am sure some of you out there could create a photo or gif of the count in a Rangers scarf,or him doing his famous counting for one,two, three, four goals.:D
Petty some would say..:cool: