The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here

£25M from Ticket, TV and a further potential £6M in prize pot. So £31M they sold Tierney for £25M bought Julien and Boli for a combined £10M. Their first team football expenditure is £48M completely insubstantial without CL Group money for two years. “a house of cards” Dave King said and the tarriers in the press laughed at him. Raising a glass to you Mr King.
" Reports just in of a disturbance at the Celtic Supporters Club in London Rd "

" Several people have been injured as fghting broke out after Celtic's humiliating defeat in the Champions League to Cluj "

" Eye witnesses described unprecedented levels of violence as regulars knocked the absolute fuck out of one another "

" The Club itself has been totally wrecked and insurers have said damages could run into almost £34.00 "

" London Rd Police are also hunting three men seen running towards the Carmyle area of Glasgow with a Radiogram and a Glen Daly LP "
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No matter what happens now, tonight was a huge result for us. They have just lost out on around £25 million, therefore making the loss of Tierney redundant... And now we they have £10 million worth of defenders who can't make the starting line up.

And now they'll either get embarrassed and get knocked out the europa league losing a further 6 or 7 million... Or they'll be playing every Thursday/Sunday and levelling the playing field for when our games are played, including a likely tough game in Sweden or Moldova right before the old firm.

Its all looking great for us.