The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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This is amazing. I've been working all night and I actually forgot they were playing. Not looked at my phone in a couple of hours, what a delight that I find this out. Ha ha to them no champions League money yet again


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This post on kerryfail is a joy to behold

Just back from CP.

I'm a placid guy, but I have never felt so angry at Celtic as I do now. That was a copper-bottomed shambles from the first minute to the last, an absolutely laughable attempt to navigate what should have been a simple European tie. This will go down in the annals of shame - its much worse than Artmedia, because they were actually a decent team, and much worse even than AEK.

Two layers of blame:
1. The manager. Brendan, WGS, and Ronny gave us some beezers of team selections and set ups, but in my 45 years I have never seen anything as forehead-slappingly idiotic as that line up tonight. WTF was Callum doing at left back the WHOLE game/ Where was Julien, Boli? Where was Leigh? Why was the formation not changed when it was completely obvious it wasn't working? Why didn't shore things up at 2-1, at 3-2.

Amateur, amateur, amateur.

When Brendan threw this kind of curve-ball, the suspicionwas he was sending a message to PL. I have never bought that (though Brendan's subsequrnt behaviour means it an't be ruled out).But would Neil do that? If so, he can GTF as far as I'm concerned because tonight is a sackable offence.

2. The board. There comes a point where you have to ask - what exactly do they want Celtic to be? These humblings from clubs with a fraction of our resources are now an annual occurence. When is someone in the boardroom held to account? We have swept the board domestically because Sevco have been weak. But they are stronger now and performances like this will see us lose the 9, never mind the 10. I think we are only 50-50 to qualify for the Europa league as well.

I've felt every emotion as a Celtic fan: joy, elation, crushing disappointment, bitterness... But tonight it's just cold fury.

(BTW - Scott Brown is finished. Sad to say, but he cannot play at this level anymore and will get humiliated at Ibrox if we set up like this again


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Missiles thrown onto the pitch at 2-40 by the raging Timpanzees. :)) Naturally, the BBC and the media won't mention it.
Particularly enjoyed the cups of juice being launched at them celebrating the 4th.

Hopefully there's another UEFA fine heading their way

Can use what's left of the Tierney money to pay that off after they plug the massive gap in their finances from tonight.