The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here

Lemon spends 12+ million on 3 new defenders and leaves 2 of them on the bench tonight. Wtf ? This is the arrogance they have deluded themselves with for so long now. He's scared to play his new fully fit £7 million centre half at this level and will set about doing what they really bought him for. Play him against the dross of the SPFL and make him out to be the new Van Dijk and use his media minions to inflate his value then sell him on. They are so false and it's just bitten them on the arse.
Does this not go into next season tho?
Yes it’s culmination of the previous 5 seasons, so although we may have better than Celtic for 2019/20, they’d will have significantly better over the 5 seasons. I’m sure there’s is around 30.000 and, ideally, ours will be around 9-10.000 come next season.
from the BBC match thread tonight - Celtic captain Scott Brown conceded the penalty that allowed Cluj to level the game at 3-3 with 10 minutes to play.
The ball struck the arm of the midfielder as he tried to clear a corner to safety.
"He’s misjudged the ball and made a mistake," said Lennon.
"Over 12 years you could probably count the number of mistakes he’s made on one hand.

Well I laughed at it!
You could probably count them on two legs as well...

The Cluj manager appears to know them well...

Petrescu is shameless when it comes to gamesmanship, and prior to the return leg he has likened Celtic to Barcelona – “They have young players and we have old players” – and tried to put pressure on tonight’s match official, Andris Treimanis of Latvia, saying: “I just hope the refereeing is fair.

“It’s normal when you play Celtic in the Champions League and they are at home, that the referee gives them an extra 10 per cent of the decisions.”