The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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I get the delight, believe me I am basking in their tears. That fucking handball hahaha. And TLB throwing the players under the bus, it's glorious.

But we still have a job to do.

Ill take my enjoyment in June. Let's not cum in our pants before we've tasted the goodness.

Danish mob on Thursday, make a statement. It's one game at a time till the OF on Sept 1st. The gaffer has ripped up the script in Scottish football. Ultimate class with a knowing smirk. I'll take his lead thank you very much.
Thanks for this!
Enjoy tonight, and tomorrow and pick up the serious business on Thursday.

Sly Stone

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Didnt take them long to enter a protest....

Apparently one of the Cluj substitutes had the wrong type of studs in his boots when he was warming up at half time........


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Normally I’d agree with you on caution , however this result will have clear implications. Lennon is under pressure, brown will be hounded on phone ins , so will Bain, players who wanted to leave will either go or down tools, even if they spend money they are like us in the market where it’s difficult to be sure of quality and it’s a fair bit into the season and their defence is shit and the options on the bench are costly and look in one case to be money wasted. This is a huge result for us.
Yes, but as Southsideblueblood said, "we've still got a job to do."

Let's not forget that in the euphoria of this delightful night!


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There lucky the have dunfermline in the cup at the weekend and not an away trip to hibs or hearts despite how poor those have started


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May I add the lights were fantastic tonight blinding Lego for a handball!
Interview on bbc Scotland I shit you not


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Watch the pendulum swing. I’ve been doing a fair bit of long distance driving this week and when listening to the podcasts the pundits have been trying to pull apart St Brendan’s style of management in favour of “Lenny’s” cavalier/attacking approach.

The knives will be out now.