The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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Taken from BBC Sport mbe sum1 breaking ranks?

Four goals conceded, at home, against a side they were expected to dispatch with relative ease.
The loss of millions of pounds of Champions League dosh.
And, perhaps most importantly for the supporters, no cracks at Europe's biggest beasts under the Parkhead floodlights
Aren’t most of Europe’s biggest beasts currently at Bar-L.

stonewall Jackson

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I've maintained the big flaw at the piggery is the fact that they gave the Tramp the big job. He is really one of our greatest assets this season.

Listening to him putting the blame for thier exit firmly on the players instead of his bizarre tactics was a joy to behold. This is only the beginning with the Tramp and I can see him self destruct after we beat them at Ibrox.