The Scum are oooot the Champions League! All comments in here


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Further back down the thread.
The one yesterday - with the car outside the cover up dump. Car playing disco music and the guy shouting for Peter to "turn the lights on"

It's a beauty.............:))
Don't miss it.
Last guy on Radio Clyde is willing to sacrifice every other competition so they can chase a tainted 9iar in the hope they may get a tainted 10iar

Please make him a barometer on their thinking
one thing ive noticed about clyde is when sellic do well in europe or against us its callers galore when they get pumped in europe its callers galore
but when rangers do well anytime its gets fleshed out with adverts and quizzes
I listened to SSB for a bit, had to turn it off though. The pain of their fans is funny but, my God, it's mind numbing. Is everyone who calls into that show a f*cking idiot?
A lot of lonely guys sitting with a bag of cans sitting under a light bulb eating cold beans from a tin with a plastic spoon. Depressing the lot of them