The St Mirren 9 Men Game


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A bitter bitter sweet memory this game. On the one hand it was one of our greatest final victories of modern times, on the other it was the last final I attended with my great pal who died a few months later.


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I recorded the BBC highlights on the DVD recorder we had then, tonight I dug it out, and we sat back and watched what we regard as Walters most emotional
Cup Final with nine men, his emotions were overwhelming.

Klos 1

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What a day one of my fav games of all time, can rmbr being at the game and for the last half hour Walter didn’t leave the touchline he just kept conducting his team and we got the victory the celebrations after we scored will live with me forever. Watched the 2nd half tonight again as a tribute to Walter and have to say St Mirren hardly threatened us when we had 9 men it really did feel that comfortable. On a side note Jack Ross was absolutely awful & Cockers commentary was even more biased than usual. Thank you for the memories Walter you will never be forgotten.


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He was tremendous that day.

On the touch line barking out orders to everyone when he was initially taking a back seat for the cup games.
Thats what I remember most of that game, he was on the edge of the technical area the whole of the 2nd half.


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This game and the 1992 Scottish cup semi final against that mob, were the embodiment of Walter Smith as a man and manager. Battling against near impossible odds and overcoming adversity. Triumphing when it mattered the most. He just never knew when he was beat and he instilled that steeliness into his teams. His teams were renowned for that, more so than many other traits.


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It was the first final I took my son too. I remember think oh god I've given him a nightmare when we went down to 9. But by god Walter gave us joy.
The sting in this tale was as we were going home my boys grandfather had passed on his mums side.
I think the circle of that day of joy and sadness pretty much sums up where we all right now. The joy of a man that gave us the best of times . The utter sadness of losing a family member.

That day now , for me , takes on another layer of significance. The manager, the child with his father and the loss of a member of your family. Because Walter was family , he was the father of our club.


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What I remember vividly in that game was Miller telling the St boo player that was setting up the free kick as Wilson trudged off, “we are still going to win!”


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Still the biggest regret of my life giving up my ticket for this game. One of my favourite ever Rangers performances and as said already Walter was a colossus that day.

Still can’t really believe he’s gone. I’ve been devastated since waking up to that news.

An absolute hero and a gentleman.


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That 3 in a row team is my favourite team. Can’t think of another time that a team pulled it out the bag so consistently against the odds. Early in the 10-11 season at Tynecastle coming from behind to win in the last minute, there was an inevitability to it.

The 9 man final epitomised it.

stein and johnston

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The first final I took my young son to. What a final to start with.
There’s a thousand more memories that Walter gave me as a Rangers fan. And I will be forever grateful to him.