The strangest thing you will see all day


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I’m going through this bastard of a disease with a family member at the moment so, I’ll join hands with the Lego muncher here and say, it’s only a game and that’s a fantastic gesture from him.

Cancer doesn’t recognise football teams.

(Although I wish Kent would have got a better one!):p
The guy is a wind up merchant and as captain tarrier, he plays to the gallery.

But he remains best friends with a former Rangers player, and current youth coach, who everyone I know has great respect for.

I know other people outwith football who know him and have done for a while. To a man, staunch or otherwise, none have a bad word to say about him personally.


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He's done it because he knows only a Rangers fan will buy it, he's not daft (he is really) he knows the price will be bumped up with him signing it. It's for charity so fair play to him. Be funny if he drew a wee Lego head under his signature aswell.

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No problem with that at all.
Fair play to both of them...the pic says that Broon is a victim and Kent is a thug...when in reality neither is true!
Nice gesture for a great cause!