The strangest thing you will see all day


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The picture is obviously aimed at Rangers fans.
Does Brown signing it make it more or less valuable..?


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I’m going through this bastard of a disease with a family member at the moment so, I’ll join hands with the Lego muncher here and say, it’s only a game and that’s a fantastic gesture from him.

Cancer doesn’t recognise football teams.

(Although I wish Kent would have got a better one!):p


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I'm sure the famous photo of Vinnie Jones and Gazza was signed also but not sure if it was for. Charity


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His sister died of cancer so would have been an easy thing for him to do to be honest. Fair play to him.

I believe he is still walking about the Ibrox pitch looking for Kamara tho


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The guy is a wind up merchant and as captain tarrier, he plays to the gallery.

But he remains best friends with a former Rangers player, and current youth coach, who everyone I know has great respect for.

I know other people outwith football who know him and have done for a while. To a man, staunch or otherwise, none have a bad word to say about him personally.

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