The strangest thing you will see all day


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Good on Scott Brown. We could probably all do to remember football is a game at the end of the day.

Granted it might not be a high bar to aim for but Lustig is far far worse than Scott Brown in my eyes. That little bitch has won far more trophies at Celtic than his talent or heart deserves.
fecking seriously :rolleyes:


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I genuinely just think he just likes a laugh and a wind up, clearly he can have a laugh at his own expense.
Still hate the lady's front bottom tho.
Same here, you hear him speak!
Sounds like a carry on movie gay.
I think our hatred of him got him a new contract.
He ain’t stupid.


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Well done to the two of them for helping raise money for a good cause.

Also, battery operated hoovers are good for hoovering the fake grass..
For the prick that he is, fair play to him for helping out a charity.

Hopefully Kent can reproduce that hook again next year to also help out charities


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Bizarre as so much noise was made by Celtic about the incident, that their Captain now wishes to laugh it off for Charity. Just shows how faux they are.
Scott Brown in all fairness does a fair amount of donating stuff for charity etc
It’s a bit bizarre that he’s been asked to sign it, fair play to him I say