The Summer 2022 Rangers Transfer Window Rumours and Deals - Thread

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Our managing director told us our European run was worth more than making CL. It was on week of Europa final he said this.
It is if you include bonuses for winning or drawing in group stages.
Using figures, I calculate we earned $17.1m . We also have to add bonus for play off round, winning/drawing in groups, TV money, gate money and 10 year coefficient payment.
Had a quick look at his games played, goals scored. At 20 years old there’s virtually nothing of note. And at only 5ft 7 he’s also a midget. Please tell me we aren’t signing him.

You’ve got to be a parody account at the wind up.

5ft 7 = no point signing him?

Steven Davis is 5ft 8, what a terrible signing he’s been.

We do not sign ready made players, it’s virtually out with our finances to do so. I don’t know anything about the guy, but our entire model is built around signing players with potential at a young age and moving them on for big profits.
Why am I still on here? Because I’m a Rangers fan.

Not exactly rocket science.

But again, because I’m not of the view everything is perfect and rosy, I’m a mentally challenged?

Deary me
You are an absolute harbinger of doom mate. Are things perfect? Probably not. Are they disastrous? Probably not. Rangers will absolutely sign players. I'd assume we are waiting to see if we lose anyone first.
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