The Tims find a scapegoat for the transfer plans leak!


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Circumstantial evidence, unless caught in the act and the CCTV shows one of the pair stealing the item. I would be going for unfair dismissal and reparations for reputational damage.


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I reckon the pedos are at it here. They called the woman in for three meetings? Told the boy his thumbs looked similar to the leaked pic? I smell shite.

Anyway it's banter to see a club 'open to all' subject two innocent folk to a kangaroo trial. Wonder how long that other internal investigation will take?

Tim on Tim, it disnae need to be out in the streets ye know.


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Whether these two are responsible or not (and I suspect they probably are) is, frankly, irrelevant. The most revealing this about this is the seriousness with which that club have taken this issue and the speed of their reaction in comparison to their other “internal issues”.

The fact no one in the Scottish media is drawing that most obvious of parallels would tell any outside observer everything they need to know about the quality and professionalism of the media in Scotland. Club loyalty first, professional pride and integrity not even second.