The Tims find a scapegoat for the transfer plans leak!

Leeonell Tidy

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It’s not really

‘Reasonable belief’. ‘Confidence and Trust’

Is all the reason the scum need
The "Reasonable Belief" yes I could see the Scum using that as an excuse, but "Confidence and Trust" that will be what they promised the kids who became victims of their paedophile ring! So that could hopefully rebound on them!

Leeonell Tidy

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Loads of questions?

Celtc had a cleaner? Busy with tidying up the remnants of Griffith's habit if rumours are true?
CCTV? Should use the same system at The Chamber of Secrets durin games..

More seriously, they have supposedly sacked someone on the basis of checking photographs of finger nails but dismissed out of hand the findings of an expert lip reader when Lenitez went on his bigoted tirade at Ibrox.

Weird club.
I see what you did there;) "dismissed things out of hand":)

wee bud's pit boots

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They know the cleaner done it but haven't a clue about a child abuse cover up spanning 50 years.
And there you have it about the scum hole we live in.

People need to realise the cover up goes back to Robert Kelly and Desmond White.

People need to think these things out.

Stein got them out of a hole in 65. (Baxter conveniently being transferred)

McNeill was touted down south in 1962. No one wanted him.

One of them physically papped out Torbett from their cesspit.

The other, the most decorated player in their history, said it was 'an open secret' at the scumhut what was going on.

But Kelly and White didn't know what was going on?

Raj Kebab

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Or that they are both innocent and the idiot Celtic hierarchy are just throwing accusations around anywhere that might stick.
Basically what I meant.
The most likely person to accept it, even if innocent. To save her son..

For the good name of céltic ill just take the bullet. Give my son a wee payrise next week. And move on.

Not working out. It's not been céltica year..


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Celtc have a cleaner ???
Well that CARPET has been needing lifted for a long long time and what lurks beneath it may require a squad of cleaners . Coming to think of it there may be some moles lurking under there as well ..... Hopefully ! ..... maybe the truth will come scuttling out as well after all that time .


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A Celtic spokesman said: “This is an internal matter. We are satisfied that the club has acted appropriately.”
The other week it was considered a criminal matter, now it’s internal! Nothing changes with these cúńts, they will never learn from past mistakes at any level. Shut them down.


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Guilty. They got hold of the document and tried to sell it for cash. It was their efforts to find a buyer that led back to them.
They had opportunity, motive and placing to carry out their wee plan.

That said, I am delighted this internal feud is being played out in public. The ‘Celtic family’ right enough.

Disco Deejay

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So she is sacked and his son is suspended

And she goes the papers about it

Not very clever (well they are Tims afterall) when you plan to take them to unfair dismissal court
According to the report mammy started her job in Sep 2017. She can't claim unfair dismissal, as she has been there less than 2 years.


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You think our head of security could do any better?. Hahaha.

David (Opus Dei) Martin tried to blame Kenny (The Tim Skelper) Miller for being the leak at Auchenhowie. Remember?.

Only for it to turn out to be a paedodome season ticket holder security supervisor, ffs!.
That's quite an accusation. Anything you can share to back it up?


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It would be wise for them to remember every job a have been in the cleaners knew everything that was happening beware Timmy it might come back and bite you in the ass



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I hope more of this stuff is coming out. Celtic have been the masters of PR in Scotland for a long time. In fact, they've done well to hide the terrorism and paedophile links. However, they are struggling like %^*& just now.
Should they not be looking to find out who out of the 8 at the meeting threw an important document in the bin in the first place?
Though I don't know if I believe it was found in the bin, the pieces of paper dont leven look crumpled up.


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Circumstantial evidence, unless caught in the act and the CCTV shows one of the pair stealing the item. I would be going for unfair dismissal and reparations for reputational damage.

Capital G

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Celtic have a cleaner called Maureen?

Shut the front door.

Most people believe the “cleaner” is Winston Wolf.


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I reckon the pedos are at it here. They called the woman in for three meetings? Told the boy his thumbs looked similar to the leaked pic? I smell shite.

Anyway it's banter to see a club 'open to all' subject two innocent folk to a kangaroo trial. Wonder how long that other internal investigation will take?

Tim on Tim, it disnae need to be out in the streets ye know.


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Whether these two are responsible or not (and I suspect they probably are) is, frankly, irrelevant. The most revealing this about this is the seriousness with which that club have taken this issue and the speed of their reaction in comparison to their other “internal issues”.

The fact no one in the Scottish media is drawing that most obvious of parallels would tell any outside observer everything they need to know about the quality and professionalism of the media in Scotland. Club loyalty first, professional pride and integrity not even second.