They are just making stuff up now about us.

He's got that off Angela Haggerty. She lied about it a week or so ago. Make no mistake, that is deliberate smear tactics in the knowledge the wee minions will go about and spread that shite all over the internet trying to denigrate us. This is why people like Haggerty and co. should never be ignored and always challenged/humiliated when they spout their shite.
Where and when did she say this?

Porto bear

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Spiers heard us shouting Klinsman's a Klansman many years ago.

He was the only one that heard it though looks like they are trying to peddle this shite again.

Feckin eejits the lot of them..
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They’ve been making shit like this up for years. The bouncy is based on a murder where people sang the song as they jumped on a catholic’s head, Penny Arcade is about a shooting in an amusement arcade, our red socks signify being up to our knees in fenian blood etc etc etc.

Steve Snedden

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Ironically the original lyrics to Marching Through Georgia refer to the Union Army freeing slaves as they marched south.

While the Confederacy was backed by the Vatican. The same Vatican who ordered the hit on Abe Lincoln and then harbored the perpetrators.

The US broke off diplomatic relations with the papacy in the aftermath of the assasination. They were only re-instated during Reagan’s second term.
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Ardoyne RSC

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The KKK parade with their faces covered so do Irish Republicans, Rangers supporters don't.
The KKK attack the churches and halls of people they disagree with, so do Irish Republicans. Rangers supporters don't.
The KKK intimidate those they don't agree with. So do Irish Republicans. Rangers supporters don't.
The KKK murder political, religious and cultural opponents. So do Irish Republicans, Rangers supporters don't.
The KKK are anti-democratic, so are Irish Republicans. Rangers supporters aren't.
The KKK supported the Nazi party in WW2. So did Irish Republicans, Rangers supporters didn't
The KKK openly backed the fascist Adolf Hitler. So did Irish Republicans. Rangers supporters didn't.
The KKK gave safe refuge to Nazis after the war, so did Irish Republicans. Rangers supporters didn't.
The KKK have NEVER been sung about or supported by Rangers supporters., although Spiers, of the dodgy hearing and even dodgier hygiene, even dodgier morals claims to know better.

If people want to make comparisons, they should at least be accurate. The only perceived connection between Ranger and the KKK is that they both have a Protestant heritage. So those who do compare the two do so for purely sectarian bigoted reasons.

If 'Orange Order' is substituted for 'Rangers', the same applies, yet that comparison is also made all the time.


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Just shows up their mentality.

We sign a black player. Not one rangers fan says anything about his skin colour.

All conversation is about hoping he will do the biz.

It takes a tarrier to bring his race up.

They are such a weird, disturbed breed. Addicted to telling lies with a warped view of the world.

That mob could go on to win 15 in a row and id still wake up in the morning and thank ye gods im not one of them.


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Club infamous for having the media wrapped around their finger in smear campaign shock.

I don’t know why this even annoys people anymore, we should be angry at the board for just burying their heads in the sand and not responding